Spanish Captioning

Our Real-Time Services

We offer Spanish Real-Time & Offline captioning.

Video Description for people who are visually impaired.

C.A.R.T. (Communication Access Real-time Translation) for live conventions, meetings, or classes.

We provide premium quality closed captioning for Spanish-language with dedicated staff available 24-hours a day to address any immediate Real-Time captioning needs. We are ready and available for additional programming, emergency broadcasts, scheduling changes, or assistance in resolving technical difficulties at the client or captioner level. Our experienced team will work to resolve any concern promptly to remain in compliance with our client's and the FCC requirements. Pricing for each service is extremely competitive and the accuracy is more than 99%, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, difficult content, or accents.

All work is done by native Spanish speakers capable of accurately capturing the cultural and linguistic nuances of your content.

Our Assurance:

99%+ accuracy

FCC/ADA compliant

Pop-On, manually place captions

Captioning file of your choice (.srt, .scc...)

Free embedding to source video if needed

Free digital delivery

Free transcript

available output formats

Type Extension
(Burn Simulated Open Captions) into QuickTime .mov/.mp4
(Burn Subtitles) into AVI .avi
(Burn Subtitles) into QuickTime .mov/.mp4
(Encode Subtitles) Black AVI 720x486 for NLE .avi
(Encode Subtitles) Black QuickTime 720x486 for NLE .mov
(Encode Subtitles) HD Black AVI for NLE .avi
(Encode Subtitles) HD Black QuickTime for NLE .mov
(Encode Subtitles) Link HDE3000 USF/UYC .usf + .uyc
Adobe Encore Text .txt
Apple DVD Studio Pro 3 Text .txt
Apple DVD Studio Pro 34 STL (extended posistioning) .stl
Apple DVD Studio Pro 34 STL (standard posistioning) .stl
Blu-Print XML/PNG .xml + .png
Blu-ray XML/PNG .xml + .png
CVC DVD .scr + .bmp
Daikin Scenarist TIF Graphics .sst + .tif
DirecTV GLA Subtitle File .gla
DVD Architect Pro .sub
DVD Caption File .scc
DVD T2 Links File .scc
DVDit Pro HD Subtitle Script .txt
EBU STL Subtitle .stl
Generic DVD Subtitles .txt + .bmp
HD-DVD .hdt + .tif
IMSC SMPTEā€TT XML/PNG .xml + .png
Pinnacle Impression DVD Pro .txt + .bmp
Sonic Producer Text .txt
Sonic Solutions Text .txt
Sonic Solutions TIF Graphics .nav + .tif
Spruce DVDMaestro TIF Graphics .son + .tif
Spruce STL Script (extended positioning) .stl
Spruce STL Script (standard positioning) .stl
SubRip Video Subtitle Script .srt
ULTECH DV2000/ITVinjector USF/UYC .usf + .uyc
TV Caption Files
Type Extension
Avid Captions Only AAF .aaf
AVID DS Caption File .txt
Caption Center .tds
Caption Inc. .cin
Cheetah Caption .asc
Cheetah Caption .cap
CPC/LeapFrog Ccaption .onl
CPC-715 Online Caption .onl
TV Caption Files(Continued)
Type Extension
DOS CPC-600/CPC-700 .Any
DVD Caption File .cc
DVD Caption File .scc
DVD T2 Links File .scc
EZTITLE Format .txt
MacCaption MCC 608/708 .mcc
MacCaption MCC 608/708 (multi-language merge) .mcc
MacCaption MCC Teletext OP47 .mcc
PowerPixel Format .txt
Ultech ULT Caption .ult
Ultech ULT Caption (multi-language merge) .ult
Windows CaptionMaker .cap
Text Documents
Type Extension
ASCII Text .txt
Rich Text Format .rtf
Caption Center .doc
WordPerfect Document .wpd
Web Caption Files
Type Extension
IMSC 1.0 Text Captions .ttml
IMSC 1.0 Text Subtitles .ttml
EBU-TT .xml
Echo360 .echo
Flash Script .txt
Flash XML for Captionate .xml
Flash XML in Timed Text Authoring Format DFXP .xml
Flash XML in Timed Text Authoring Format without header .xml
Google/YouTube Video Subtitle Script .srt
MAGIC TT (Timed Text) .xml
Mijo XML in seconds format .xml
Netflix TT Captions (Timed Text) .xml
Netflix TT Subtitles (Timed Text) .xml
PBS COVE .sami
Quick Time Script .txt
RealPlayer .smi
SMPTE TT (Timed Text) .xml
SubRip Video Subtitle Script .srt
Ultech ULT Caption (multi-language merge) .ult
WebVTT .vtt
Windows Media Player [Book Format] .smi
Windows Media Player .smi